Formally registered and established in Rizhao of Shandong province in 2009 by the government investment promotion
New product R&D funds exceed 20 million yuan
Have direct sales center in more than 100 countries all over the world
With 13 large-scale production bases
Blue Carbon, Micro-Energy Storage System Solution Supplier!
Free sunshine, put the grid on your roof.
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About Blue Carbon

Blue Carbon, during the development of the last 10 years, has become an integrated supplier of one-stop solutions for micro energy storage systems in many fields. Internationally, Blue Carbon (BCT) has been serving stably in Southeast Asia and other regions for long. Until now, Blue Carbon has direct sales center in more than 100 countries all over the world, and has professional exhibition halls and direct subsidiaries in Myanmar, Cambodia, Cameroon, Beijing, Shanghai, Urumqi, Jiangsu Nanjing, Jiangsu Changzhou, Guangdong Zhongshan, Shandong Linyi, etc. Blue Carbon has dozens of patents for products, and invests more than 20 million yuan in new products R&D every year. Blue Carbon has 13 large-scale production bases, with whole industry chain for product design and development, mold processing, lithium ion battery pack, solar panel production, LED lens injection, SMT for LED chip and component and inspection for ready products. 

Independent research and development and production of various general energy storage systems, solar garden lights, solar street lights, solar electric heaters, solar air conditioners, solar freezers, and solar module products. Provide more convenient electricity for areas where there is no electricity, less electricity, difficult to use electricity, and expensive electricity prices. Deliver on promises with action and realize your dreams.

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Blue Carbon Product Life Cycle Standard

Adhering to the core concept of "focusing on user needs", from product design and development, to the selection of high-quality material suppliers, to mass production monitoring and finally to after-sales guarantee, the "Blue Carbon Product Life Cycle Standard" covers products with multi-dimensional standardized management throughout the life cycle, with leading standards, reliable quality, and excellent product experience, we ensure the realization of the value of user needs.

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Blue-crystal Low-carbon Micro-energy Storage Industry Chain

Blue Carbon always adheres to the development idea of customer-centered and quality-driven growth, and actively invests in the research and development of new products. Aiming at the security needs of differentiated usage environments and usage requirements, a series of cost-effective, high-quality and diversified product types have been launched. Through product combination and iteration, a product system and solution covering the customer's life cycle has basically been formed.

Solar Power System
蓝晶易碳光伏照明系列产品,0电费,免布线,易安装,10年质保。自主研发,专利私模。主要用于城乡道路、交通主干道、小区、景点、以及无电少电地区照明。免费的阳光,免费的照明。 Blue Crystal Easy Carbon Photovoltaic Lighting Series products, zero electricity bill, no wiring, easy to install, with a 10-year warranty. Independent research and development, patented private model. Mainly used for lighting on urban and rural roads, transportation arteries, residential areas, scenic spots, and areas with low electricity consumption. Free sunlight, free lighting.
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Solar Lighting
Blue Carbon photovoltaic lighting series products, 0 electricity fee, no wiring, easy installation, more than 10 years of warranty. Independent research and development, patent private model. Mainly used for urban and rural roads, traffic arterial roads, residential areas, scenic spots, and areas without electricity and less electricity. Free sunlight, free lighting.
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Solar Appliances
Blue Carbon DC home appliances are directly powered by solar panels, which is green and environmentally friendly, and does not cost a penny for electricity. Solve the daily needs of people in areas with no electricity or less electricity, with energy saving and low consumption, and excellent use functions.
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Blue Carbon is on the way of innovation from product innovation to change the industry to technological innovation to change the world's energy pattern. Faced with the multi-scenario application demand for solar energy in various industries, Blue Carbon provides users with the best photovoltaic energy storage, photovoltaic heating, photovoltaic lighting and All-scenario solutions and application experience for DC home appliances.

Solar Lighting Solution
Solar Power System Solution
Solar Appliances Solution
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Each customer is assigned a professional follow-up, who will support you from understanding of product, purchase and technical inquiries. All professionals of Blue Carbon will provide services to everyone after they have undergone layer-by-layer selection, long-term training, and passing staged assessments.

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